Rex Files

95_er.rx2 - Classic jungle break.
ABass.rx2 - One note per slice, very useful.
Alum.rx2 - 130bpm filtered drumloop.
Aulm.rx2 - Dubby synth.
Backdoor.rx2 - A Classic too.
BadLoop.rx2 - Drumloop made with Reaktor.
BeBapaloola.rx2 - Future swing loop.
Chibron.rx2 - Clicks sequence.
DubHits.rx2 - DubDrumKit. One note per slice.
Kyoto.rx2 - Another drumloop.
Machines.rx2 - Bzzziiiiiiit, cluck !
Pirouf.rx2 - Another clicks sequence.
Vichoule.rx2 - Pseudobass synth loop.


Nixx_01_DrumandBass.rfl - 1 demo, 12 samples & 21 Rex files. 6.8Mo
Nixx_02_GatedRex.rfl - 50 Rex files. one demo. A trip to the gate... 11.9Mo

Reason songs

Bifi_ee_Dos.rps - A drum'n'bass track from 2001.
HorseFactor.rps - At least a new one ! Only factory sounds, no refills. Only 24k !
Martian Moles.rps - Another one a little more dark. Also from 2001.


Face.jpg - Shooted by stendec at Bikini Test.
korg_mini700s.png - My old Korg mini 700s. - A collection of presets by nixx for the free VST synth : Crystal.
Nixx_studio.png - A view of my place.


Badfinger.mp3 - 160kbps/7.7Mo
Dedications to the funk.mp3 - The real shit mash up
Future Rolla.mp3 - 160kbps/7.6Mo
Hairy Operator.mp3 - Reset E.P. 160kbps/6.3Mo
HorseFactor.mp3 - 160kbps/8.4Mo
Komodo64.mp3 - Brigade Neurale Mixtape
Original Life.mp3 - Reset E.P. 160kbps/7.3Mo
Polar.mp3 - Reset E.P. 160kbps/7.3Mo
Return of Robert.mp3 - Et oui, c'est ce que...hein ! Ou bien ?
Tenormal.mp3 - Reset E.P. 160kbps/8Mo
The Ganglords - Bonx it pon me [nixx remixx].mp3 - For contest