iDJREC027:Nixx - Soul Quantize b/w Fast Unified Circuit Key

A. Soul Quantize- Boom goes the dynamite! This track is standout for two reasons: the superbly crafted synth breakdowns and the bubbly subbass arrangements that bring you back in time. Subtle shifts in the sound keep you locked in while Nixx adds on the heavy one layer at a time. A perfect example is the second drop which starts off deep but before you know it you're knee-deep in the madness. This is one of those tracks that keeps growing on you because each subsequent listen has more to offer.

AA. United Fast Circuit Key More of Nixx's twisted sickness basslines drive this home like a nail in a 2-by-4. Synth edits keep the rhythm flowing from the left as the amen mashups keep business pounding from the right. This one is an unrelenting assault hellbound on a scud middile. Warning: Massiveness inside!