There is tons of mp3 in here.

Most are on the download section and some others are hidden for various reason : preview, work in progress, shame, etc...

Here is a short compilation/selection :

1. Dedications to the funk.mp3 is a big mash-up with a lot of funky breaks and funky samples.

2. Komodo64.mp3 is a dnb chiptune made for the "Brigade Neurale" net-tape. The concept is low-fi & 8 bits sounds.

3. Return of Robert.mp3 is a joke made with a recording of a local radio.

4. The Ganglords - Bonx it pon me / nixx remixx.mp3 is a remix of The Ganglords, a swiss reggae band. Made for the decibel-dj contest wich I have not win...

5. Kye Krew - AH / nixx remixx.mp3 is a remix for the french & belgian kru.

6. Mudshave.mp3 is a fast breakcore/dnb fresh tune at 225 bpm.

7. Reprise.mp3 is my track for the MJMC mixtape volume 3. Crispy breaks & Nasty bass ! :vé:

And don't forget the Reset E.P. !